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A New Vision for District

‘Renaissance’ for Millwood Anticipated

“We are Millwood, the Renaissance” is the theme we have adopted at the Millwood Public School District, and I believe that theme outlines an exciting vision for the future.

It is a theme aimed at addressing the academic and social challenges faced by Millwood students and families.

Through the strengthening of district leadership, initiatives, partnerships, teaching and learning, students can be assured they are college-ready and career-ready upon graduation from Millwood.

As part of our “Renaissance,” Christine Harrison, formerly of the Millwood Arts & Freshman Academy, has been promoted to be director of teaching and learning.

Her main responsibility will be to ensure that all students across the district receive high-quality instruction.

In addition to an increased focus on instruction, new principals have been named.

Beverly Williams, a longtime district employee, is the new director of the Arts & Freshman Academy.

Candice Hamilton Green, a district “lifer,”is the new principal of the Millwood Middle School.

She comes to Millwood from the Baltimore (Md.) Public School District and is a school-turnaround specialist.

The high school will be led by Eldridge Moore, of Denton, Texas.

The newly-named high school principal has years of high school experience, and is a specialist in “virtual learning and technology.”

This dynamic team is poised to do “whatever it takes” to ensure that Millwood students are amongst the top academic performers in the state.

In addition, thanks to district partnerships with both local and national providers, a much-anticipated Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Initiative will be introduced at Millwood in the fall.

Initially, the initiative will be used in a third-grade classroom and in a seventh-grade classroom.

With this one-to-one iPad initiative, students will learn of science, technology, engineering and mathematics career opportunities.

Of course, this is important since most jobs available to our graduates will require proficiency in these areas.

We are excited about providing this type of learning environment for this select group of students, and are optimistic that our partnerships will grow to support us as we expand this initiative. Millwood is tremendously interested in returning to pointing our career-tech high school students to our local provider, Metro Technology Centers.

Metro Tech is poised to be a leader in STEM in our community. Another Millwood “lifer” leads the Metro Tech STEM initiative: Dr. Dennis Portis, associate superintendent at Metro Tech.

Millwood will greatly benefit from a partnership with Metro Tech, the proximity of which is itself an advantage.

Besides, a return to pointing our career-tech students to Metro Tech will reverse a practice of sending more than $600,000 annually to a center across town.

“We are Millwood, the Renaissance,” and this theme anticipates a vision that will ensure all of our students are college and career prepared.