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Helping Formerly Incarcerated

TEEM Extends Program

To Include Women, Too

The Education & Employment Ministry will soon expand its reentry-from-incarceration program to include women, thanks to a grant from Impact Oklahoma. The $100,000 grant was presented to TEEM in June.

Six months ago, the counseling and employment agency launched a comprehensive reentry-from-incarceration program for men.

With the grant, the program will expand on its efforts to assist men and women facing the challenges of reentering their communities after being incarcerated.

“This program will meet a growing need for transitional services for the formerly incarcerated in Oklahoma,” a statement said.

“While the state ranks fourth in the nation for the number of men it incarcerates,” the statement continued, “it holds the unfortunate distinction of leading the world in the number of women incarcerated per capita.”

According to recent reports, Oklahoma’s female incarceration rates more than double the national average, the statement pointed out.

Impact Oklahoma was described as an organization open to “all women in central Oklahoma who want to make a difference and improve the quality of life.”

The organization has provided more than $2 million to various causes since it was founded in 2005.

TEEM is an interfaith non-profit agency that works to break the cycles of incarceration and poverty through education, character-development and work-readiness training programs.