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An Arrest Warrant Issued for Jackson He’s Believed to Shoot a Man Because He Wouldn’t Sit Down

An arrest warrant has been issued for a man believed to have been involved in a homicide in northwest Oklahoma City.

Terran Wilson, 31, was found shot to death in an apartment at 909 N. Rockwell Ave.

According to the warrant, investigators believe Demarcus Jackson, 24, fatally shot Wilson in the apartment where Mr. Jackson lives.

Witnesses told police Mr. Wilson and Mr. Jackson had been selling drugs from the apartment where the shooting occurred.

A woman who spoke with police went to the apartment on the day of the shooting to buy marijuana, according to court documents. The woman said Mr. Jackson told her to leave when she arrived at his door.

Mr. Jackson later met up with the woman, gave her a pistol and asked her to hide it.

She took the gun but later called police and turned it over, according to court documents.

Another witness told detectives Mr. Jackson and Mr. Wilson had an argument because Mr. Jackson ordered Mr. Wilson to sit down in the apartment, but Mr. Wilson did not comply.

Investigators claim Mr. Jackson then shot Mr. Wilson because he would not sit down.

Mr. Jackson has not been arrested, but police are searching for him, Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, a spokesman for the police department, said.