Should He Retire
or Press The Issue

Chris Bosh failed his physical with The HEAT.

It is very clear they don’t feel comfortable putting him out on the court because of the blood clots. It is a legitimate concern because blood clots are serious, you can literally die on the court and people would hold the HEAT responsible.

Bosh wants to play, he has seen every doctor in the world and produced a documentary about his comeback, but his options are very limited.

He could try to force the HEAT to buy him out or trade him, but even with a trade, what NBA team would want to give up assets needed to get a player like him, but not be sure if he can even play?

It is a stalemate, very similar to what happened with Daniel Bryan and the WWE. Daniel Bryan had several independent doctors clear him of his concussion problem, but the WWE simply would not, but since he was under contract he was forced to stay with them.

Sadly, there is no Smackdown Live for Bosh to be a GM of.

Will he give up and just retire, that looks like the likely outcome because the HEAT simply won’t allow him back on court.