11-1 Vote

Lowe’s Bill at Dead End

State Rep. Jason Lowe

The bill championed by State Rep. Jason Lowe (Dem., Oklahoma City) that would revisit the last-year-passed so-called “permitless carry law” has come to a dead end.

The law, which went into affect on Nov. 1 allows practically anyone to carry a gun without a permit or license.

State Rep. Lowe announced a few days ago that he and supporters would make another attempt to gather petition signatures to place the issue on the ballot as a state question.

The new bill died when it arrived at the State House Public Safety Committee and was quickly scrapped and there was no debate.

State House Bill 3357, sponsored by State Rep. Lowe, met an 11-1 vote and was, in effect, killed.

“I believe this law is absolutely dangerous,” State Rep. Lowe said.  “It’s a ticking time bomb, and it’s been an utter disaster.”

Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, refuted the sponsoring legislator’s claims and pointed to the vote tally, which included a Democrat voting against the Lowe bill.

State Rep. Matt Meredith (Dem., Tahlequah) voted against the bill.

State Rep. Justin Humphrey, a Republican and chairman of the committee, said he opposed the Lowe bill, but believes it should be heard.

State Rep. Lowe said he expected the lopsided vote, but wanted to try everything possible to fight the law.

“I think there’s a disconnect with the Legislature and the voters,” he said. 

“I believe that voters do not want guns in restaurants.  They don’t want guns in schools and also in parks, and they don’t want an individual just walking around with an AR-15, especially without any training or a permit.”

The law was passed overwhelmingly last year by both houses of the Legislature.

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