Customers of The Market on 25th all came looking for one product but “it was already gone,” according to an employee there. The product is Breezzy’s Lemonade and the CEO is 11-year-old, Aubrie Green. Aubrie had one simple idea and he chose to pursue it. When the rest of the world told him that an autistic child couldn’t, Aubrie just chose to make lemonade — literally.

Aubrie sent his mom a picture one day of a lemon squeezer at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was on sale for $19.99 and Aubrie wanted it. Aubrie’s mom bought it and that day her son went to work, perfecting his lemonade recipe. Aubrie’s mom took some of the lemonade to work and it was a big hit. At first it was cups, then pouches and then whole jugs were necessary to accommodate the demand. It was clear that Aubrie had something special and Breezzy’s Lemonade was born.

Aubrie was given the opportunity next to get his lemonade on the shelves at The Market on 25th, a community grocery store. The market, in fact, has a Black farmer inclusion strategy. Aubrie’s lemonade was an instant success, so much so that the store has struggled to keep it in stock. Breezzy’s has also branched out, adding an entire line of flavors: Plain Jane, Grade-Ade, Tango Mango, Striker and Dragonfruit.

According to his mother, Aubrie never intended to sell his lemonade. He still rolls every single lemon, before squeezing it. Aubrie is passionate about what he’s creating and the people certainly love it. He’s only 11 and there’s no way to predict how high this young man will rise.

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