2021 PGA Championship prize money, purse: Payouts, winnings for each golfer from $12 million pool

There will be a lot on the line this weekend at the 2021 PGA Championship, and while a cash prize is not at the top of the list for most of the best golfers in the world, there’s still a significant sum available to be claimed over the final 18 holes at Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

The 2021 PGA Championship purse has been set at a record $12 million. The champion’s prize $2.16 million, and the runner-up fairs quite well with $1.3 million for finishing in second place. It’s the first time the PGA Championship winner has earned more than $2 million from the purse, which passed the Masters this year for the second-largest in the major championship rotation. The U.S. Open remains the biggest purse at the moment with $12.5 million being distributed to the competitors last year and $2.25 million going to the winner Bryson DeChambeau. 

As of right now, the race for that winners payout and the six-figure checks reserved for the top 26 names on the leaderboard is wide open. Phil Mickelson and Louis Ooshtuizen hold the 36-hole lead in the clubhouse at 5 under but more than a dozen golfers are within four strokes of that lead, including major winners Brooks Koepka (-4), Hideki Matsuyama (-4), Gary Woodland (-2) and Bryson DeChambeau (-2). 

Moving day will live up to its reputation as all of the leaders face afternoon winds during Saturday’s third round, as the ones who can avoid a big number will emerge as the favorites heading into the final round on Sunday. 

 Here’s a look at all the prize money and payouts for the 103rd PGA Championship.

2021 PGA Championship prize money, purse, payouts

Total purse: $12 million

1st (Winner): $2,160,000
2nd: $1,296,000
3rd: $816,000
4th: $576,000
5th: $480,000
6th: $413,000
7th: $380,000
8th: $350,000
9th: $320,000
10th: $297,000
11th: $275,000
12th: $253,000
13th: $233,000
14th: $223,000
15th: $213,000
16th: $203,000
17th: $193,000
18th: $183,000
19th: $173,000
20th: $163,000
21st: $153,000 
22nd: $143,000 
23rd: $133,000 
24th: $123,000 
25th: $113,000 
26th: $103,000 
27th: $93,000 
28th: $83,500 
29th: $78,200 
30th: $73,000 
31st: $69,000 
32nd: $65,000 
33rd: $61,000
34th: $57,000 
35th: $53,000 
36th: $51,000 
37th: $49,000 
38th: $47,000 
39th: $45,000 
40th: $43,000 
41st: $41,000 
42nd: $39,000 
43rd: $37,000 
44th: $35,000 
45th: $33,000 
46th: $31,000 
47th: $29,500 
48th: $28,000 
49th: $27,000 
50th: $26,000
51st: $25,000
52nd: $24,000
53rd: $23,900
54th: $23,400
55th: $23,000
56th: $22,600
57th: $22,300
58th: $22,000
59th: $21,800
60th: $21,600
61st: $21,400
62nd: $21,200
63rd: $21,000
64th: $20,800
65th: $20,600
66th: $20,400
67th: $20,200
68th: $20,000
69th: $19,800
70th: $19.600

When golfers tie for a position, their share of the purse is an average of what those competitors would be paid if they were positioned in order. Players making the cut but finishing below 70th place will be paid in decreasing increments of $100 starting with 71st getting $19,500. All players who missed the cut with a 36-hole score will be paid $3,200, and any players who made the cut but withdraw before the conclusion of 72 holes will also be paid $3,200. 

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