2022 Masters: Talor Gooch breaks a big rule while practicing at Augusta National

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A fashion disaster has occurred at the Masters. Augusta National has specific rules in place that are taken seriously, and one of those rules is that you cannot wear shorts. That rule goes for members, their guests and Masters.

Talor Gooch, who is set to compete at the Masters for the first time in his career, apparently didn’t get the memo.

Gooch was putting on a practice green for about 15 minutes on Saturday while wearing shorts when he was approached by co-head pro J.J. Weaver to discuss his outfit, according to David Westin of The Augusta Chronicle. Thankfully, Gooch found black rain pants and did a quick wardrobe change in order to be appropriately dressed.

Then, clad in the correct attire, Gooch went back to practice, with the only real damage being an embarrassing moment and some lost time on the practice green to change. 

This is why it is always important to text your friends and ask what they are wearing to an event so you do not show up wearing the wrong thing. This is also why it is crucial to always pack an extra outfit just in case. Gooch definitely learned his lesson at his first Masters. He actually would’ve been fine at other tournaments, as golfers are allowed to wear shorts during practice rounds at PGA Tour events, but Augusta National, which operates the Masters separate of the PGA Tour, has its own specific rules.

Gooch punched his ticket to the Master by winning the RSM Classic in November.


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