23-Year-Old Woman Survives Road Rage Incident After Being Run Over Three Times, Driver Arrested

A New Jersey woman is recovering after suffering life-threatening injuries after being hit and then run over several times in a road rage incident that took place last week. The horrifying act was caught on video.

According to Daily Mail, last week, on Tuesday, April 12, 23-year-old Morgan Scott was mowed down by a vehicle driven by Vincent Jean. In an apparent road rage incident, Scott was run over three times and suffered a broken leg, ribs, and a severed liver. The attack took place in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Jean, 56, was apprehended after being seen in home security video footage driving his Mistubishi SUV directly into Scott. He has been charged with first-degree attempted murder and third-degree assault by auto.

Detective Darin Williamson and the Elizabethport Presbyterian Center have initiated a GoFundMe account to help cover Scott’s medical expenses. The family states that the insurance company told Scott’s father that they would not pay the medical expenses due to her injuries not taking place from an accident but “were intentionally inflicted.”

“Morgan was attempting to record an assailant’s license plates before he could flee the scene of a minor traffic incident; while she was taking photos, the perpetrator drove his Mitsubishi SUV in her direction. In a desperate attempt to escape, Morgan began running; however, it was to no avail because the driver ran her over with his vehicle while lying helplessly in someone’s front yard; the driver drove over her two additional times.

“Morgan miraculously survived her terrible ordeal; however, she has three fractured bones in her neck. A broken femur, a lacerated liver, broken ribs, severe back injuries, deep gashes over 60 percent of her body, and severe injuries road rashes.”

After more than a thousand donations, they are more than 60% of the way to accomplishing their goal of raising $100,000 to cover the medical expenses.

The family released a statement.

‘The family would like to express its gratitude for the expedient response to this incident by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, the Elizabeth Police Department, EMS workers, as well as Elizabeth Mayor, Chris Bollwage. We also want to thank the citizens of Elizabeth for their aid and support, especially the school bus driver who intervened and the neighbor who provided the security camera footage of this horrific crime.

‘Your actions and cooperation with law enforcement led to the quick apprehension of the perpetrator. These collective efforts, along with the hard-working and diligent actions of the doctors and healthcare professionals at University Hospital, saved our daughter’s life.”

Jean is currently being held at the Union County Jail, awaiting a hearing.


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