86th Annual Recipient

Jones Named National

Mother of the Year

WASHINGTON–Dr. Mautra Staley Jones was named this year’s National Mother of the Year by American Mothers.

Dr. Jones is vice president of institutional advancement and external affairs at Langston University.

In addition, she is executive director of the Langston University Foundation.

She was cited for “positively impacting communities around her, for her excellence in education and for her organizational experience.”

American Mothers, a non-profit organization, has presented the annual award for 86 years.

“If nothing else, I hope that being named Mother of the Year serves as encouragement for other moms out there, as well as those who are just going through trials and tribulations,” Mrs. Jones commented.

“I am a walking example of its being true that demographics don’t define your destiny.”

Her selection is the fulfillment of a dream, she said.

“I knew that, once I became a mother, I wanted to just give everything I could to my children and make sure their lives were full, and they have more happy times than sad ones.”

“At Langston University and through her roles in various organizations, Dr. Jones has played a significant part in affecting the lives her path has crossed,” her citation said, “especially those of children and young adults.”

“When you have someone who understands the realities of growing up in extreme poverty, of having to really fight through, and remain positive and cheerful, then you have found someone with true character,” Dr. Jones stated.

 “For a person to remain an eternal optimist   shows that life is what you make it.  And, being a mother allows me to manifest all of that with positivity,” she said. 

“There’s power in the words of our testimony:  power to heal and help others; power to encourage or just, simply, give someone a spark of hope.”

Dr. Jones said she would dedicate her award to her late mother and to her grandmother.

“Being a mother is not for the faint of heart,” she said.

“It comes with its challenges.   It teaches you tenacity, patience, flexibility, knowing that every single day looks different. 

“But I think those challenges make you stronger.”

“I can say that being a mother has made me a stronger professional, a stronger community servant,” Dr. Jones went on.   “I bring everything along with that amazing maternal energy and I get to put it into play every single day.”

Mrs. Jones is the wife of Federal District Judge Bernard M. Jones, and they and their children are residents of Oklahoma City.

Award recipients have been named from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A committee of diverse individuals from throughout the country makes the annual selections of award recipients.

Connell Brannan is president of American Mothers.

Nominations for Mother of the Year are accepted annually from May 9-Sept. 15 and may be submitted by e-mail at americanmothers.org.

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