A Rarity

Caucus Chairmen Both from Tulsa

State Sen. Kevin Matthews

 TULSA—Both party caucus chairmen in the State Senate are from Tulsa, The Black Chronicle has learned, and both said they will be working across party lines to get things done for Oklahoma.

The Democratic caucus chairman is State Sen. Kevin Matthews.

The State Senate Republican caucus leader is State Sen. Dave Rader.

The Republican caucus chairman was elected to the Legislature’s upper chamber in 2016.

As majority chairman, he will help develop the Republican agenda and presides over caucus meetings.

He said he and State Sen. Matthews will be working together on legislation designed to make Oklahoma a Top 10 state.

State Sen. Matthews was elected to the upper chamber in 2014 after serving in the State House of Representatives for a term.

He, likewise, presides over his caucus’meetings and helps the Democrat’s policy postures.

State Sen. Dave Rader
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