Additional 1500 Victims File Lawsuit Over Travis Scott’s Astroworld

Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival is still receiving lawsuits as an additional 1,500 victims have recently filed as of December 8th.

Source: Brandon Bell / Getty

Earlier this week, Travis Scott issued his first response to the mountain of lawsuits from his tragic Astroworld Festival. While Travis has issued his response and has offered his help to families who lost loved ones at his festival, the lawsuits keep coming in.

Travis issued a “general denial” in response to the first claim. which allows him to issue one blanket response to allegations against him. Travis also has filed motions to combine all 275 cases into one “multi-district litigation.” This makes sense as individual court cases and dates would not only backlog the court system, but also take up everyone’s time for years to come. Regardless, it will probably take a year to amend this tragedy legally as Billboard reports an additional 1,500 people have filed cases.

Attorney Brent Coon has come forward representing a new group of alleged victims. That group includes a total of 1,547 victims who were allegedly injured during the November 5th concert. These filings bring the total number of plaintiffs to nearly 2,800. With over 50,000 in attendances and lawyers actively seeking anyone who attended, you can expect more lawsuits in the coming weeks.

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