After Shooting, Man Found Dead at Motel Known for Crime

A man was found shot to death last week inside a second-floor room at a motel where police routinely investigate stabbings, shootings, drug overdoses and other crime problems.

The shooting happened about 9 a.m. on Oct. 10 at the Plaza Inn, 3200 S. Interstate 35 Service Road.

A police spokesman said officers were still looking into what prompted the shooting and who might have been involved.

Multiple shots were reported, said Sgt. Dillon Quirk, who added he couldn’t confirm whether the victim had been armed.

“Obviously, we are in the very early stages of the investigation,” he said.

The Plaza Inn, which has about 100 rentable rooms, has been open along the east side of I-35 in southeast Oklahoma City since 1971.

It has been owned by Plaza Hotels, LLC, headquartered in El Reno, since about 2015.

Between Jan. 1 and late August, police responded to calls involving at least 10 assaults, two shootings, eight attempted suicides, three stabbings, 13 thefts, four acts of vandalism and 11 overdoses.

Steve Ketter, a part owner of the company that operates the motel, said it really has only become a magnet for problems over the past few years.

He said the company hired Blackhawk Security more than a year ago to increase its customers’ safety after it decided its motel staff needed help.

He said what often happens is that people just go to a motel next door to set up shop there.

“We have been getting a lot of newer people there in the past few months, and we feel like that has been kind of straightening it out,” Mr. Ketter said.

“We just want to stand up for our motel, to let the public know we are trying–trying very much–to do the right thing

Police didn’t attribute last week’s shooting to conditions at the motel.

“I know that we have responded to more than one homicide in this location, but right now, there is no evidence that they are connected or correlated in any way,” Sgt. Quirk said.

More than a dozen officers responded to the scene last week, when they conducted interviews and looked for witnesses.

As officers were conducting interviews, several women arrived at the motel and approached the crime scene before they were escorted away and interviewed by a detective.

A woman, who said she was the victim’s mother, told reporters she had last seen her son, a 41-year-old father, the day before the shooting and that she had no idea why he might have been at the motel the morning of the shooting.

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