Ashley McBryde’s New Music Video Takes a Dark Turn

Ashley McBryde’s New Music Video Takes a Dark Turn

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On Thursday, December 19th, Ashley McBryde dropped a new music video for her new single “One Night Standards.”  The video was shot at Nashville’s Drake Hotel and is the first of three videos to be unveiled in the coming weeks ahead of the release of her sophomore album.

Directed by Reid Long, “One Night Standards” opens with McBryde serving as the receptionist at a local hotel. Things get dark when a young woman signs in to rent a hotel room and McBryde notices a familiar man in the car. Conflicted, she picks up the phone to call her friend.

“It’s your dad. He’s about to make a mistake,” she says gravely.

Moments later, McBryde’s friend arrives at the hotel lobby and convinces her to hand over the spare key to her father’s room. The daughter enters the room with a shovel, startling her father and the woman beside him in the hotel bed. What happens next has McBryde flipping the No Vacancy sign to help her friend.

The project is a taste of new music from the singer’s forthcoming sophomore studio album, and the haunting video is the first of a three-part storyline.

“My manager John Peets and I had this idea to listen to the record and see what stories appeared…what threads of ideas were consistent in the songs we had gathered and what characters stood out,” McBryde says in a statement. “Low and behold, one night on the bus [bandmate] Chris Harris and I were having a few beverages after a show. I got out my sketch pad and we wrote down each song from the record and each character. It looked like a crazy road map. It looked like a child had drawn it.

“But there it was. A way to connect every song and every video. I showed it to Peets, and we put it in Reid Long’s hands. And the rest is history.”

The video for “One Night Standards” is here.

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