Race is Finally Called After Record Turnout;
Chaotic Term Ends With Rare Incumbent Loss
Harris to Become Country’s First Woman Vice President

Former Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was elected the 46th president of the United States on Saturday, promising to restore political normalcy and a spirit of national unity to confront raging health and economic crises, and making Donald J. Trump a one-term president after four years of tumult in the White House.

Mr. Biden’s victory amounted to a repudiation of Mr. Trump by millions of voters exhausted with divisive conduct and chaotic administration, and was delivered by an unlikely aliance of women, people of color, old and young voters and a sliver of disaffected Republicans. Mr. Trump is only the third elected president since World War II to lose re-election, and the first in more than a quarter century.

The result also provided a history-making moment for Mr. Biden’s running mate, U.S. sen. Kamala Harris of California, who will beceome the first woman to serve as vice president.

With his triumph , Mr. Biden , who turns 78 later this month fulfilled his decades ambition in his third bid for the White House, becoming the oldest person elected president. A pillar of Washington who was first elected amid the Watergate scandal, and who prefers political consensus over combat, Mr. Biden will lead a nation and a Democratic Party that have become far more ideological since his arrival in the capital on 1973.

He offered a mainstream Democratic agenda, yet it was less his policy platform than his biography to which many voters gravitated. Seeking the nation’s highest office a half-century after his first campaign, Mr. Biden a candidate in the late autumn of his career–presented his life of setback and recover to voters as a a parable for a wounded country.

In a brief statement Mr. Biden called for healing and unity. “With the campaign over, it’s time to put the anger and the harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation,” he said. “It’s time for America to unte. And to heal. We are the United States of America, And there’s nothing we can’t do together.”

In his own statement, Mr. Trump insisted ” this election is far from over” and vowed that his campaign would ” start prosecuting our case in court”. but offered no details.

The race, which concluded after four tense days of vote counting in a handful of battlegrounds, was a singular referendum on Mr. Trump in a way no president’s re-election has been in modern times. He coveted the attention, and voters who either adored him or loathed him were eager to render judgement on his tenure.

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