Black Food Historian Goes Viral On TikTok | Celebrities

KJ Kearney is the newest sensation on TikTok for Black Food Fridays.

Every Friday, he celebrates Black food with a touch of history and it has been coined Black Food Fridays. Kearney wants to make the weekly celebration as big as Taco Tuesdays, telling, “I’ve woken up or been walking around on a Tuesday not knowing what to eat and then something in my subconscious rings a bell and says, ‘It’s Tuesday, you know what day it is.’ And it’s just like, ‘Oh snap!’ It’s almost an instinctual thing.”

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Kearney has been doing the videos since April 2020 and he has a huge following on all of the social media platforms.

Watch one of the clips below on a variety of rice dishes.  

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