‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Accuses Chris Brown’s Child’s Mother of Scamming Small Businesses

Charmaine Bey of “Black Ink Crew” took to Instagram on Monday to put Chris Brown’s baby mama Nia Guzman on blast for allegedly scamming her small business.

Charmaine apparently sought out Brown’s daughter Royalty Brown to provide a paid post on her Instagram page to promote Bey’s dietary supplement brand, Bey Moss. But when Royalty’s mama failed to follow their contractual agreement and blocked Charmaine and her husband on the social platform, the VH1 star decided to call her out online.

“@therealniaguzman is scamming in the name of her own seed royalty brown,” Charmaine captioned her video rant.

“Go to Nia’s page and tell her to pay up. NIA HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO HANDLE THIS?”

In the nearly two-minute rant, Charmaine explains the business deal gone wrong and why she decided to take her frustration to the internet.

“Hate to bring on social media, but Nia Guzman is out here accepting money on her daughter Royalty Brown’s behalf for business promo, and she’s not posting the promo,” Charmaine said at the start of the video message.

The reality star explained the “contract” she had in place that granted her “two posts from Royalty Brown for Beymoss,” Charmaine said. But after Guzman “accepted the money,” the 2nd City Ink owner claims “her manager blocked my husband and I on social media and via text, and she’s never posted.”

“So again, Nia Guzman is out here accepting money on her daughter’s behalf — Royalty Brown’s behalf — and not posting the promo,” Charmaine quipped.

“So, basically, she’s scamming small businesses. Nia Guzman, Chris Brown’s baby’s mom, is scamming small businesses in the name of Royalty Brown. It’s disgusting.”

While some of Charmaine’s followers were on her side and told Guzman to “pay up,” many other shamed the VH1 star for including a child in her social media shade-throwing.

“Expose her, not the child! The baby has nothing to do with this. I’m sure we all know who she is,” one user said.

“And mentioning Chris. This isn’t the best look,” added someone else.


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