Black Teens Death Justified Edmond Responds to Federal Lawsuit by Parents

Officials Say 17 Year Old Assaulted

EDMOND—Edmond officials have claimed in response to a federal civil rights lawsuit that the shooting death by police of a naked and unarmed Black teenager was justified, The Black Chronicle has learned.

After the shooting death earlier this year of Isaiah Mark Lewis, 17, the parents of the victim filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. In a filing early last month, Edmond officials said the teenager was “justifiably” shot after he had been “ineffectively Tasered.”

The claim that the teenager was justifiably shot and killed was made early last month by city officials to that lawsuit. Edmond’s answer also contends the actions of the officers “were not based upon and do not differentiate among the races of various citizens.”

“Edmond denies that it violated any constitutional rights and denies it is liable to Plaintiffs….for the death of Isaiah Mark Lewis,” the city’s legal filing said.

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