Hobbs: new federal funding to prevent street releases will be enough for now



(The Center Square) – Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs addressed possible concerns about lower than requested funding in the spending deal signed by President Joe Biden on Saturday.

Hobbs, as well as Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly, welcomed the news of $650 million being allocated toward the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Shelter and Services Program, The Center Square reported. However, the trio first asked for $752 million to go toward the fund, as it ends up being distributed.

When The Center Square asked the governor on Thursday afternoon about the lower than hoped for amount, she expressed confidence with the funding outcome.

“I think we’ve spoken with the organizations in Pima County in particular, and I think they’re gonna be able to continue operations and so that was really the most pressing issue right now,” Hobbs said at a press gaggle following her discussion at the Arizona Space Summit in Tempe.

“So I’m confident that we’ll be able to continue to avoid street releases in Pima County,” the governor continued.

Ultimately, the funds in this case will go toward continuing funds for organizations helping migrants at the border to avoid the strain on the communities dealing with the surge. There were concerns that if funding was not passed by April 1 street releases in large quantities would begin in Pima County and other parts of the state.

Hobbs and other leaders in Arizona have be staunchly critical of how the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border crisis, but there have been disagreements on solutions across party lines.

Many state Republican lawmakers would like the governor to take stricter action, such as declaring an invasion or placing barriers in open parts of the border. This suggested approach has led to lawfare from the Biden administration in Texas, and under former Gov. Doug Ducey when his administration temporarily closed a border gap using shipping containers.

As for Hobbs, she deployed National Guard troops to the Lukeville area following the temporary port of entry closure in December, which intensified the debate on how to best mitigate the problem.

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