Ossoff: ‘A grave risk to U.S. national security’ if no border bill



(The Center Square) — Warning that “there is a real terrorism threat associated with unlawful entry at the southern border,” a Georgia senator implored lawmakers to pass a border security measure.

“We are considering this week legislation that would fortify our asylum system against exploitation, that would crack down on illegal crossings on the southern border, that would expedite the deportation of those who have entered the United States unlawfully, that would hire a significant number of new border patrol agents and surge enforcement resources to the southern border,” U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Georgia, said during a short media briefing Wednesday. “There is a grave risk to our national security if we fail to pass border security legislation this week.”

Ossoff said senators could vote on the measure on Thursday afternoon. When asked by The Center Square whether he favors deporting everyone who has crossed the border illegally, Ossoff responded in a statement, “Anyone who enters this country unlawfully and poses a threat to national security should be immediately detained and removed.”

Georgia Republicans have blamed President Joe Biden for the border crisis.

In February, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announced the state was sending additional Georgia National Guard members to the southern border. That same month, the Republican governor sent the president a letter in February demanding answers following the murder of a 22-year-old Augusta University nursing student on the University of Georgia campus in Athens.

However, spokespeople for the governor did not respond to a request for comment on Ossoff’s Tuesday demands.

“Every day that Congress fails to act to secure our border, the country is at greater risk,” Ossoff said. “And the failures of the executive branch to secure our border do not excuse failures of the legislative branch. We have an obligation to U.S. national security as senators. We have an obligation to put election-year politics and partisan politics aside.”

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