(BPRW) byLOVEJONES CREATIVE selected celebrated Black Artist, Charly Palmer to reimagine the cast of Noah’s Arc as an ally to the Black LGBTQIA+ community | Press releases

(BPRW) byLOVEJONES CREATIVE selected celebrated Black Artist, Charly Palmer to reimagine the cast of Noah’s Arc as an ally to the Black LGBTQIA+ community

Black Art Is For Everyone

(Black PR Wire) Atlanta, GA. – Rodney LoveJones, Founder of byLOVEJONES CREATIVE and Global Sales Representative for world renowned visual artist Charly Palmer announces he will lead a silent auction of an original piece of artwork titled “NOAH’S ARC: BLACK TOGETHER.” Palmer, an LGBTQ ally created the piece as part of a celebration of black gay visibility within the arts. The virtual auction officially launches July  1, 2020 at (https://bit.ly/NOAHSARCBlackTogetherPainting) through July 31, 2020 at 6:00PM EDT with proceeds to be donated to SOULE Foundation to support Black Queer Professional Creatives as well as seven non profit LGBTQ organizations during Noah Arc’s charity fundraiser throughout the month of July. 

HONORING BLACK BROTHERHOOD & LOVE: It’s time to reunite with the characters of the wildly popular, groundbreaking Black gay television series, NOAH’S ARC. After a 12-year hiatus, Noah, Alex, Ricky, Chance will finally reunite in NOAH’S ARC: THE ‘RONA CHRONICLES. Independence Day weekend, Patrik-Ian Polk Entertainment and title sponsor Gilead will present the worldwide premiere of a special reunion episode on Sunday, July 5, 2020 streaming at 8:00PM EDT / 5:00PM PDT.  The event will stream on Entertainment Weekly and Patrik-Ian Polk Entertainment’s Website and Facebook pages and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the show’s premiere. Presenting sponsor Impulse Group will host the replay. GLAAD and Impulse DC are supporting sponsors for the reunion. 

In conjunction with this amazing event, we are celebrating the richness of the Black LGBTQIA+ Community through the narrative of pop culture and artistic genius of Black Artist, Charly Palmer’s painting. This beautifully painted portrait ‘NOAH’S ARC: BLACK TOGETHER’ personifies the union of two beautiful black men who balance Blackness, Love, Partnership, all demonstrative of the amazing writing of Writer/Director Patrik Ian Polk for the Anniversary Virtual Cast Reunion episode, “The ‘Rona Chronicles.”

byLOVEJONES CREATIVE was created to uplift, educate, and share creative resources to the Black LGBTQIIA+ Community and enhance the awareness of Black Arts & Culture. “As an art dealer, curator, & art lover, it was important for me to share my art experience with my community,” Jones said.  “Representing clients who are not afraid to support me and my efforts will expand his art to a new and profitable audience.”

“It is an honor to have the SOULE Foundation included as a benefiting nonprofit in this momentous event. I remember being 20 years old and seeing that first episode of Noah’s Arc, breaking barriers in the media space and fostering conversations about sex and sexuality in the Black & Brown community.” – Elijah Mekalin Karr Li, Executive Director of SOULEFoundation.org

For more information to bid on virtual auction: (https://bit.ly/NOAHSARCBlackTogetherPainting) then visit the charity fundraiser that the event will support: (https://bit.ly/NOAHSARCVirtualReunionCharityFundraiser) and event page (https://noahsarcreunion.eventbrite.com).


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