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(BPRW) DMX Hosts Virtual Bible Study and Everybody’s Being Blessed By It

(Black PR Wire) During this time of the pandemic, many are turning to do more online: from grocery shopping to meetings, parties, graduations, and even church. In fact, many churches have upped their online experience to share the word of God to the masses virtually.

DMX has also taken to social media to share the good news of the Bible. The rapper took to Instagram Live and hosted a virtual Bible study. The only notice he gave was a very vague video announcement earlier that day where he said he had “something personal to share.” Many wondered if it was bad news since a lot of us only know the DMX whose very public battle with substance abuse, domestic disputes, dogfighting, and numerous run-ins with police were on display constantly in the news.

But during DMX’s Friday live session on Instagram, he went through scriptures in the bible in hopes to share God’s good news and help people deal with the uncertain times of this coronavirus pandemic. One particular piece of his bible study X was going through the book of Ecclesiastes 3. It was during this section that he spoke about “a time being for everything” happening right now, even social distancing.

A number of fans who were viewing the live commented on how sober, clean and clear the rapper looked while speaking. It’s something many fans haven’t seen in awhile. I must admit, X seemed authentic and real without being over-the-top or preachy.

For those that know, this is not DMX’s first entrance into preaching. Every studio album, X finished off with a rhyming prayer and the platinum rapper said himself that he’s destined to be a preacher.

“Will I have more influence as a pastor or a rap artist?” DMX previously asked himself in a radio interview. “…I do believe that God allowed my music career to create the platform to lay the foundation to gain the ear, to gain the credibility, so that way when I do become a pastor, I don’t think I’m going to lose fans, I think I’m going to gain more.”

“I say miracles only happen on the platform of tragedy…


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