(BPRW) EBW Inc Launches EBW Cares Distributors, a PPE Solution, to Get Women Back to Work and the Economy Back on its Feet Amidst COVID-19 | Press releases

(BPRW) EBW Inc Launches EBW Cares Distributors, a PPE Solution, to Get Women Back to Work and the Economy Back on its Feet Amidst COVID-19

Launches #SHEforPPE with Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce to Enable Efforts in Twenty-five cities

(Black PR Wire) AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Empowering a Billion Women 2020 (EBW2020) has announced the launch of EBW Cares Distributors, a market offering aimed at getting necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) in the hands of the people and places that need it. Built on the back of founder Ingrid Vanderveldt’s extensive international network, the company has launched an end-to-end global supply chain that extends from manufacturing to delivery of product to the end consumer.

“Since its inception, EBW has addressed and engaged in the Social, Health and Economic issues that impact women, the SHEconomy. EBW Cares is a natural extension of that brand, as we know the employment drop related to social distancing and increased child care needs due to school and daycare closures have disproportionately impacted women,” said Ingrid Vandervelt, chief executive officer of EBW2020 and EBW Cares. “We’ve created a solution which will help reopen and build businesses across America.”

To ensure products and industry insights are accessible at a hyper-local level, the company is rolling out ‘SHE for PPE’, a program to enable women to bring these solutions to their local communities. EBW Cares has partnered with the Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce, which was founded by Ambassador Suzan Johnson “Sujay” Cook, who was an ambassador under President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama, for the initial activation of this program.

“People of color were already disproportionately suffering from COVID-19 and the events surrounding George Floyd’s death, highlighted, to the nation, the impact of a system built on inequity in treatment, access, and opportunities,” said Cook. “This partnership between EBW and GBWCC will serve as a model for equitable treatment, access and opportunities for women business owners.”

The program will target twenty-five cities across the nation. EBW Cares will equip selected women with the tools to launch, operate and own their own EBW Cares consultancy, which will deliver complete and custom COVID-19 solutions for reopening businesses and sustaining the ‘new normal’. EBW Cares will provide training on the testing, monitoring, prevention, employee enablement and wellness, so consultants can advise businesses on return-to-work plans. Additionally, these women will have a direct pipeline through EBW Cares Distributors, to deliver the critical PPE companies need. The program is valued at $1.3M and also includes a donation to the GBWCC.

Outreach to the selected communities and women is scheduled to begin next week. Communities or women that would like to be considered for this opportunity are encouraged to visit the EBW website, www.ebw2020.com/SHEforPPE.

About EBW Cares:

EBW Cares Distributors is a women-owned, women-led, fast growing division of EBW2020, which is an economic empowerment community for women around the world. EBW Cares is the world’s first socially minded, women-focused international PPE distribution platform that leverages EBW’s global network for creating jobs and restarting communities. EBW Cares Distributors works with the world’s top PPE manufacturers who want to be part of the equality and opportunity solution to source and serve customers across the globe.

About the GBWCC:

The Black Global Women’s Chamber of Commerce is a coalition of experts who provide resources, opportunities, and networking to black women-owned and operated businesses that trade locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. With locations in the North America and Africa, GBWCC supports the continued growth of black women-owned businesses globally. For more information, go to www.GlobalBlackWomenCC.org.

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