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(BPRW) Joint Declaration

(Black PR Wire) As representatives of the Asian, Black and Hispanic communities, we stand together against all acts of racism and violence and stand against those who would divide us and sow mistrust and fear.


We mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, and call for swift and sure justice to prevail.


We embrace the fact that the United States is a multiracial, multiethnic nation, and affirm our commitment and responsibility to advance the many elements that unite us: a belief in the value of diversity, the contributions of immigrants and the power of multi-cultural collaborations.


We believe that taking action is as important as expressions of support, and will soon be announcing a groundbreaking effort to provide long-term support for Black, Latinx and Asian small businesses impacted by Covid-19. We are also preparing a webinar that will bring together journalists from our communities to have an open discussion about how race relations are being reported, and how the media can influence a change in perspectives. These efforts are just a beginning.


Today, we reaffirm our solidarity with diverse leaders and institutions all across our nation and pledge to fight to turn the tide against racism everywhere.


Please see Hispanic Federation statement and One Hundred Black Men statement.


John Wang                                             Frankie Miranda                       Michael J. Garner

Founder & President                                President                                   President

AABDC                                                   Hispanic Federation                     One Hundred Black Men



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