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(BPRW) National Black Guide’s Building Wealth Through Entrepreneurship Virtual Conference

Conference is Aug. 6 – 8

(Black PR Wire) This organization has tapped several millionaire entrepreneurs and successful brands to share their road to entrepreneurship and how they’ve been able to build real wealth as business owners.


Black families have struggled for decades to build generational wealth for their families. We’re providing you with the steps you can take to help build a strong financial legacy for your family.


  • Wealth disparity between black and white families will take 228 years to close, according to the Institute for Policy Studies.


  • Although we have an annual spending power of $1.2 trillion, our households only hold a median of $11,000 of wealth, according to federal data.


  • What’s even more disturbing is that by 2053, the median wealth for black families will fall to zero if the gap continues to widen at its current pace.


National Black Guide wants to help bridge that gap.

To register, click here:  https://www.nbgbuildingblackwealth.com/

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