Business Seminars Planned

Online seminars on business financing will be presented Thursday, Aug. 26, by Progress Oklahoma City and the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments.

“As we rebound from the pandemic, it is imperative that we focus on cultivating a resilient and inclusive economy,” said Maurianna Adams, executive director of Progress Oklahoma City.

“ “When opportunities are available at all levels of the community, we can create economic productivity for the area as a whole.”

“It is crucial that that our region’s small business owners and entrepreneurs receive the support th ey need to bounce back from the pandemic,” Mark W. Sweeney, executive director of ACOG, said.

The seminar series will “equip small business owners with tools to emerge stronger and ready to tackle this post-pandemic new economy,” he added.

Dell Gines, lead community development dvisor for the Federl Reserve Bank of Kansas City, will lead one of the seminars.

Dr. Gines is co-author of “Small Businesses of Color recovery Guide.”

“Effective Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship for Oklahoma City’s Black Community” is the title of the first of the seminars.

“Black Entrepreneurship and Community Growth in Oklahoma City” is the title of the second seminar.

“I am proud of the work our bank has done in entrepreneurship-led development,” the seminar speaker commented.

 “Over the past six years, the Kansas City Fed has become one of the national thought leaders for this model and has helped many communities envision a new way to grow their local economies.”

His publications detail models that focus on the notion that entrepreneurship is an effective way to establish sustainable wealth from employment and ownership, which results in thriving markets and a healthy society, a statement said.

Persons may registrer online for the free seminar series at
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