Owner of Ice Event Center Is Shot at Hotel

A 21-Year-Old Woman Jailed on Murder I Complaint

A fight between a woman and her ex-boyfriend turned deadly early Wednesday morning. Ray Brown , the owner of the Ice Event Center ( located in a shopping center on NE 36th Street and N. Kelley Avenue, was found dead on the eighth floor of the Hilton Garden Inn on Sheridan Avenue and Mickey Mantle Drive.

Only days before her 22nd birthday, Miss Long sits behind bars. Police found her in a room at the hotel. “It was 3:30 this morning when police were called to a shooting,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, a spokesman for the Oklahoma City Police Department. Officers also found Miss Long’s ex-boyfriend in the hallway of the hotel’s eighth floor. They said he had been shot to death. Miss Long was taken into custody and questioned about the shooting. That was when investigators learned about their past dating relationsihp. “As it turns out, those two had been in a relationship on-again , off-again for a while,” said MSgt. KNight. “So, right now, it appears to be classified as a domestic -related killing.”

Las November, an Oklahoma County judge granted MIss Long a victim’s protective order against Mr. Brown.

IN the paperwork, Miss Long claimed her ex-boyfriend threatened. harassed and stalked hre and her grandparents. <iss Long said she feared Brown would physically harm or kill her. The VPO was supposed to be in place for five years. “There was a VPO in place,” said MSgt. KNight. “It’s unclear exaclty who initiated the contact between the two, but therewas a VPO in place. That’s something that detectives will be looking at.”

Miss Long does not have a criminal history. The district attorney will decide if she will be charged of if she acted in self defense.

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