Chet Hanks Declares It’s Gonna Be A “White Boy Summer” & Twitter Reacts

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If going viral was like a basketball game, Chet Hanks AKA Shabba Hanks is a walking bucket. The son of famed actor Tom Hanks took to Instagram to declare the upcoming warm season as being a “White Boy Summer” but he clarified exactly what he meant in hilarious fashion.

For whatever reason, the actor, full name Chester Marlon Hanks, shot a video of himself in a car speaking to his 373,000 followers to share his projection for the year. Realizing that calling for a “White Boy Summer” would raise more than enough curious eyebrows, Hanks made sure to clarify that he doesn’t mean a certain type of white boy but folks like himself, Jon B, Jack Harlow, and others who supposedly aren’t of the Trumpian side of the equation.

Naturally, the video got the reaction Hanks was seeking, and this time, he used his actual speaking voice and not the Caribbean patois he employed that inspired his Shabba Hanks nickname. It isn’t all viral videos with Hanks too as he had a role in last year’s hit Showtime limited series Your Honor starring Bryan Cranston, Hunter Doohan, and more.

Hanks also had a role in a recent NCIS: New Orleans episode, and previously starred in the series Shameless and Empire among other appearances.

It goes without saying that while some folks are taking the video as Hanks having a little fun, there are a number of people who feel like he’s a touch out of pocket and should relax his White Boy Summer antics lest he obtains an unwelcome fade.

We’ve got the reactions to his video, along with the clip in question, below.

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