Chris Sails Has Heart-To-Heart With Fans, Apologizes To Ex-Wife Queen Naija


Things have been rocky between singer Chris Sails and his ex-wife Queen Naija especially since her current husband, Clarence White came into the picture. The two have taken to social media to air out their grievances with one another, however one party is attempting to put the past behind them.

Releasing a video via his YouTube channel, Sails explained his previous actions and why he made videos in the past referencing Naija. Keeping it candid, Sails said the reason behind the videos was because he didn’t have much money.

“I felt like God put me on this earth to help,” he said, explaining that in attempting to help his family and friends financially, he now doesn’t have enough money to support himself. He continued by announcing his new YouTube approach as a means of increasing his income. 

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Sails claimed videos about himself weren’t hitting, but once he posted a video mentioning his ex, it could earn him as much as $5,000. The money was his motivation, Sails said, so he decided to keep using Naija as clickbait, but didn’t intend for it to cause a problem in her current relationship.

“I would never break up a happy home,” said Sails in his latest YouTube video.

Sails and Queen previously argued over their son CJ’s graduation due to Sails not being invited. Now, it seems like that’s finally all water under the bridge.


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