City Woman Shot in Face on Friday

An Oklahoma City woman, who police described as a mother and an innocent bystander, was shot in the face Friday afternoon, having been caught in the crossfire of a shooting near a convenience store at NE 36th Street and Lottie Avenue.

The victim later died at a hospital.

According to Oklahoma City Police Department, Ashley Rice, 29, was sitting on a curb when the gunfire erupted near the northeast Oklahoma City store.

 She was a good mom,” said Michael Murray.   “She loved her daughter, tremendously.

Mr. Murray is the father to Miss Rice’s daughter.

“You ever get to a point where you feel like you’re just so tired of crying,” added Mr. Murray.  “That’s where I’m at now.”

“Currently, it’s still an open investigation,” commented Sgt. Dillon Quirk.  “No arrests have been made at this time.”

Mr. Murray said the shooting victim moved to Oklahoma from Washington, D.C., to be with her daughter’s father.

He said he and Miss Rice were excited to learn she was pregnant.

The couple broke up about a year ago, Mr. Murray said, and Miss Rice moved shortly after that to the neighborhood near NE 13th and Lottie.

 “As it appears surface level, she was there sitting on the curb line when she was shot,” sgt. Quirk told reporters.

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