Democrat Vying Cubit to Run For County Sheriff

Lieut. Wayland Cubit said in a statement he would be a candidate for Oklahoma County sheriff.
Describing himself as a 24 year veteran of law enforcement, community leadership and youth mentorship, Lieut. Cubit said he will run.

“Law enforcement should be about helping people
“. That’s what I’ve focused on as a police officer and what I want to bring to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office.”
During his law enforcement career, Lieut. Cubit has worked 21 years for the Oklahoma City Police Department.

He said his early experiences as a patrolman “inspired my passion to serve youth in at-risk communities.”
Ten years ago, he established the Family Awareness and Community Teamwork Unit in the department.
The unit is a youth outreach program that focuses on mentoring youngsters, building character and empowering youth.
“These programs helped to reduce juvenile delinquency and keep children out of the criminal justice system,” the county sheriff candidate said.

The candidate said, if elected, “We will have unprecedented transparency and accountability.”
“We will be accountable to the residents of Oklahoma County and we will hold individuals accountable who threaten the safety and security of our communities,” he stated, “but we will do all of this with compassion, because I believe that everyone has value, whether they recognize it in themselves or not.

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