Denton County fire department may run out of pay for firefighters

The President of Argyle Professional Firefighters Local 5190 has published that the denton county emergency services and products district no.1, may face a major factor in that, after its former fire leader falsified the department’s funds for a number of years, the department may be not able to pay its firefighters come August. Troy Hohenberger is going through jail time for mismanaging the funds throughout his tenure as leader, with the ensuing deficit stated to be an estimated $1.5 million to $2 million. Unless the district receives budget to lend a hand with its liquidity issues, the department’s 37 firefighters might not be paid come August. Sam Johnson mentioned that regardless of the shortage of pay, there is not any purpose of leaving behind the group, then again, he notes that the shortage of pay would result in drastic adjustments to the department. Communication strains stay open between the department and more than a few entities to take a look at and save you the worst case situation. Denton County, together with the towns of Argyle and Northlake, have all handed resolutions announcing if the department takes corrective movements they’d assist the department keep afloat. The department already won a $300,000 grant from the Lantana Education Foundation, however that may most effective duvet a pair of weeks. Hohenberger was once arrested closing November after allegedly stealing cash from the fire department’s pension fund, along with his case now looking ahead to trial.

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