Diamondbacks vs. Padres – Live Game – June 25, 2021

4thTatis Jr. homered to center (415 feet), Pham scored.583rdAhmed doubled to deep left, P. Smith scored and Walker scored, Varsho to third.562ndCronenworth homered to right (380 feet).362ndTatis Jr. homered to left (373 feet).352ndVanMeter doubled to right, Rojas scored, VanMeter to third.342ndRojas singled to right center, Varsho scored and Ahmed scored.241stCaratini hit sacrifice fly to center, Machado scored.041stMyers hit sacrifice fly to center, Cronenworth scored, Machado to third.031stTatis Jr. homered to left center (400 feet).021stPham homered to right (382 feet).01

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