Dionne Warwick Slams Jeff Bezos For Thanking Amazon Workers For Funding His Trip To Space


Dionne Warwick is not here for the foolishness, especially when it comes to Jeff Bezos’ insensitive comments after returning from his outer space experience earlier this week. 

The former CEO of Amazon recently transitioned into an executive chair position before preparing to board his own aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft on Tuesday (July 20). In a press conference following his space trip, Bezos made tone-deaf remarks about Amazon workers and customers thanking them for paying for his flight into space. 

The billionaire’s company has been known for unfair treatment, limited health care and paying employees low wages.

“I also want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this,” said Bezos. 

Warwick took to her Twitter to give the tech giant a piece of her mind. 

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“Why did he make a truly dumb statement like this? I don’t get what he expected from those employed at Amazon! I know it couldn’t have been a YAY!! Shame on you, Mr. Bezos…,” she wrote adding the clown face emoji to her tweet.

In addition to his space trip, Bezos donated $100 million to CNN commentator Van Jones who received one of the Amazon founders’ first-ever Courage and Civility Awards. Celebrity chef Jose Andres was also a recipient who also received $100 million, CNN reports.

At a press conference after returning to Earth, Bezos explained that Jones and Andres are free to do “what they want” with the money.

The Courage and Civility Award is Bezos’s “surprise” philanthropy initiative, which honors those who have “demonstrated courage” and tried to be a unifier in a divisive world, according to Bezos.


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