4 thoughts on “Does a Pic Show Hunter Biden Used Malia Obama’s Credit Card to Snort Cocaine?

  1. Your skeptical? You should have been skeptical when our president was accused of lies as well!! Such bull shit “journalists @!!!stfu, and retire already! Better yet, I’ll wish the same thing you wished on our President!!! DIE ALREADY!!!

  2. Well it’s a chase private client card, only available to high wealth individuals, and parents can easily add children as authorized users to accounts they own, so the member since 2011 nonsense is irrelevant

  3. The article you link to mentions nothing about a stolen credit card, it says they were declined, because malia had limits imposed…. holy buckets you and snopes both are desperate.

  4. Sure its fake. Its real as hell and the media are yet again running interference. Nothing to see here, please don’t notice what we have been doing behind the curtain.

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