Showrunner Sascha Penn tells us what to expect ahead of “Raising Kanan” Finale



Tonight marks the finale of Raising Kanan’s third season. The previous nine episodes have been a whirlwind of deception, pain, and betrayal. The beloved characters of the show have spent the initial seasons toting the line between good and evil while the audience was still figuring them out. Season three, however, we see who everyone really is. Kanan finds himself grappling with the very notions of right and wrong, while his mother Raq pleads to repair their relationship. All while law enforcement is closing in on exactly the kind of business they run, these characters realize they have bigger issues to deal with. Showrunner and creator Sascha Penn, answered some live questions from fans and gave hints to what the finale episode brings.

Kalee Blake: As the season comes to a close, how would you describe the overall journey the characters have undergone this season?

Sascha Penn: I think Kanan’s eyes are definitely wide open. He kinda starts to evolve from a boy to a man, there’s this division between him and his mother and maybe even his family as a whole. That was always by design. At the end of the finale everyone will see that Kanan has taken a big step forward.

KB: I’m glad you brought that up! In the previous episode we see yet another confrontation between Kanana and Raq. What can you say to fans that have hope and are rooting for them to have some semblance of a relationship?

SP: Well, that’s his mother. They’re always gonna have a relationship, I don’t know if we can quantify if that will be a good or bad relationship.

KB: Especially with Howard suggesting they should pin everything on Marvin and then saying would she rather it be her or Kanan? Almost testing how bad their relationship really is and if she only sees him as her opposition and no longer family.

SP: Right, exactly. The break in their relationship feels really dramatic and the side of Raq that knows what it means to be a mother and dealing with this work-life balance she has. She loves her son but she also loves herself and that’s always been the tension for her.

KB: That’s funny. “Work-life balance” like she has a regular job like a teacher or something.

SP: Well she is employed! (Illegal activity aside.)

KB: We’re finally seeing this vulnerable side to Lou and his drinking problem as well as fans speculating that Unique is actually alive. Does it surprise you that people still speculate and are invested in these characters beyond even what the episode shows them?

SP: It’s incredibly gratifying. I mean, it’s an honor that people care that much. I think it’s a testament to the work that people do on this show. We’re exploring this very real side to Lou and this toll this kind of work takes on him. And we’ll see people online saying “oh Lou is soft” but I gotta be honest, one of the hardest things someone can do is talk about and confront their feelings.

KB: What do you hope viewers will take away from the season finale, both in terms of immediate reactions and broader themes or messages? I saw online some fans are worried it might be disappointing.

SP: I’m not gonna lie. They’re gonna have a lot to talk about. I would put the last five minutes of this episode against the last five minutes of any season finale of any show and it will hold up. There’s no way you’ll watch this episode and feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth.

It seems like fans of the show have a lot to anticipate! Episode 10 of Raising Kanan’s third season premieres February 9th at 8 p.m.

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