Fighting HIV/AIDS

Guiding Right, an agency based in northeast Oklahoma City, will share in a $2.2 million federal grant to help fight the spread of HIV.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently awarded $2.2 million in grants to 96 community-based organizations to help end the HIV epidemic.

The agencies will work to implement the Ending the HIV epidemic in the United States Initiative.

Guiding Right is a non-profit agency that has programs to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among Blacks.

The agency was established 20 years ago.

Last July, the agency’s New Hope Wellness Center opened to offer medical treatment and care for HIV/AIDS patients.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, as of Dec. 31, 2018, Blacks accounted for 25 percent of Oklahoma’s AIDS cases and 26 percent of the state’s HIV diagnoses, while representing only 7.2 percent of the state population.

“African-Americans have been disproportionately affected by the HIV/AIDS since the epidemic’s beginning and this disparity has intensified over time” said Theodore H. Noel II, the organization’s president.

“It is extremely alarming that the health disparities continue that African-Americans lead in the effort to curb the spread of HIV.”

Appropriate testing and prevention measures are being done by Guiding Right, Mr. Noel said.

“We and other community-based organizations are uniquely positioned to implement the reach of HIV prevention efforts,” he noted.

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