Film-Making Related Courses To Be Added at Douglass High

Marcus E. Brown, left, with Dr. DeKoven Riggins. They will be teaching vocational courses at Douglass High School on film-making related job positions.


A vocational studies program has been introduced at Douglass High School with a curriculum designed to prepare students to take jobs in the movie-making industry.

Kevin Jones, principal of Douglass High, announced the program earlier this week.

“That industry, which is growing in Oklahoma, is hiring trained workers prepared to work in areas created by movie making,” the Douglass principal said.

Two instructors from the film industry are now on staff at the high school to teach vocational courses for students wanting to work in the film industry.

Dr. DeKoven Riggins and Marcus E. Brown are the new Douglass faculty members.

They are producers of “Black Wall Street Burning,” a movie that received a number of awards, has been viewed in 18 countries and has had numerous theater sellouts.

The two new faculty members have also been credited with a variety of other film ventures, according to the Douglass principal.

The courses the two new faculty members teach will help train workers in “the booming” film-making industry in Oklahoma, Kevin Jones pointed out.

The film-making related courses began this semester at Douglass.

The courses will point out some of the skills required to fill the multitude of positions.

The Douglass principal said plans are underway to bring more vocational-technical courses to the campus.

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