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Pittman Is Named Vice Chairman of Committee

State Rep. Ajay Pittman (Dem., Oklahoma City) has been named vice chairman of the Oklahoma County Redistricting Committee of the State House of Representatives.

She recently participated in an online meeting of the committee.

She said she wanted to, “throughout the redistricting process, procedures that would be accessible and transparent.”

“This is an important process,” State Rep. Pittman said. “People have spent their lifetime fighting about how legislators draw the lines and the fight for federal census funding is ongoing. 

“I plan to inform people in Oklahoma County about redistricting and what it means to manage the process.”

Quyen Do, redistricting coordinator, was the featured presenter at the online training session.

“Due to population shifts within the state, the need to redistrict is necessary to preserve the constitutional standard of one person, one vote,” the coordinator said. “The Census data directly ensures that each community receives its fair share of political representation.”

State Rep. Pittman (who represents State House District 99) said one of her objectives is to consider the histories of various districts.

She cited the Baker vs. Carr U.S. Supreme Court decision that said “one person, one vote”is a principal that should guide redistricting.

The redistricting committee vice chairman also cited the court’s Gray vs. Sanders decision that declared that all citizens, regardless of where they reside in a state, are entitled to equal legislative representation.

State Rep. Pittman said she and the committee will be guided by those decisions, as well as by other decisions that have set the parameters of fair legislative redistricting.

“I am grateful to Speaker Charles McCall for trusting me with this leadership role to help guide our community through this process,” she commented.

“The Oklahoma City metropolitan area is becoming more diverse every year,” she went on.

“We need to do our best to listen to those voices.”

The Oklahoma County Redistricting Public Input Meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 9.

The public meeting may be viewed via live streaming video at

A town hall format will be used.

There is no sign-up or registration needed to participate in the public meeting.

The State House redistricting Website is now live and accessible at

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