Freedom Center Is Discussed

Residents Propose Projects

Mayor David Holt promised transparency in developing MAPS 4 ideas and implored residents to dream big.

Indeed, that’s what planners for the restoration of The Freedom Center and making that center a civil rights museum.

Leonard Benton, the trustee for The Freedom Center venture, wants the project to be a part of MAPS 4.

Residents presented their proposals to the City Council in the first of four planned meetings at which residents have been invited to present their proposals.

Mr. Benton was among hundreds of residents who made proposals.

He wants The Freedom Center to become part of the Adventureland tourist attractions located in northeast Oklahoma City. Adventureland includes the Oklahoma City Zoo and the National Museum of Cowboy & Western Heritage, among other museums and tourist attractions.

“The day was invigorating,” Mayor Holt said.

“It was exciting to see hundreds of people so passionate about the future of our city that they would spend half the day at City Hall.”

“It reinforces my belief,” he said, “that the people of this city believe in the power of MAPS and want to see how it can improve their daily lives.”

In addition to The Freedom Center proposal, the City Council heard reasons why they should include a new family justice center to deal with domestic abuse, design streets for all, not just for cars, and construct rails and construct trails and sidewalks that connect neighbors to schools, shops, and jobs.

The meeting lasted five hours and included proposals that address the health and safety concerns of residents, and to keep cyclists separated from auto traffic.MAPS 4 anticipates the continuation of the temporary tax that financed MAPS 3 and the other two MAPS initiatives.

Continuation of the tax will add about $10 million per year to city revenue.

Mayor David Holt.

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