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It has been six days since news broke that actor-comedian Anthony Johnson, 55, was found lifeless in a Los Angeles store, and pronounced dead after being rushed to a hospital.

His widow, Lexis Jones Mason, said the family was overwhelmed with funeral costs and pleaded for help. Now, Johson’s family is no longer burdened with the heavy cost of his funeral.

According to TMZ, Mason says funeral costs have been covered by multiple celebs and random donors, nearing the amount of $70,000. Celebs such as Offset, Lil Rel Howery, and Michal Blackson have chipped in a total of nearly $20,000. Mason says Fat Joe, Tommy Davidson, D.C. Young Fly, D.L. Hugley, Faizon Love, and more have called her this week. 

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Lil Rel’s rep told TMZ that he felt obligated to help because he sees comedy as a brotherhood. 

Prior to these donations, Mason called out the “fake love” that was shared since the passing of her late husband after her GoFundMe effort raised $800 of a $20,000 goal. 

Now that her late husband’s funeral costs are settled, Mason has more plans. She says Johnson didn’t have life insurance and wants to advocate for other actors and comedians to get life insurance. Mason also wants to give some of the leftover donated money to his four surviving children and start a standup comedy school for underprivileged youth.

Johnson was most known for his movie roles as E.Z.E. in House Party and Ezal in Friday


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