Glenn Leonard Motown Story

By: Lauren C. Gavin

The legendry Motown singer Glenn C. Leonard made a special appearance in Oklahoma City this past weekend with Forever Motown. As a native of Washington D.C., he grew up in a household that was filled with the love for music and his passion has grown for singing since the age of 6. Mr. Leonard was no stranger to the art, he learned how to play piano but his favorite was to play his guitar. He can remember the time when he knows he had something special he says, “When the lights came on and the curtains opened at the Howard Theater in D.C, I was gone and all I remember is that I started dancing.”

With hard work and dedication, he successfully established himself as an entertainer and knew that he wanted to be a professional by the age of 13. He started three singing groups by his early 20’s called “The Chancellors,” “Instant Groove,” and “True Reflection” which would become household names and travel the country performing their songs. One thing was missing for Glenn, but he might’ve gotten his big break he’s been waiting for. For the longest Mr. Leonard could remember, he has wanted to be a part of The Temptations group and listened to them on a daily. When he went to do his final tryout for the band, they all agreed, “Now is the time. We have found what we’ve been looking for.” He went on to have an illustrious and legendary career as the first tenor and lead singer of The Temptations from 1975 to 1983. Glenn expressed, “Motown came along at a very pivotal time in history of our country and our people.” “We found a way to show people that we can be business people as well.”

Glenn Leonard with The Black Chronicle reporter Lauren Gavin

After leaving The Temptations in 1983, Leonard found his love again in ministry which led him to become a licensed and ordained pastor. He founded a church in Houston, TX and is still giving audiences the full Temptations experience. Leonard states, “rhythm, melody and words transform you and this is what I’m teaching in my lessons today.” One of the foundations that he wants to leave behind for generations to come would be a school for the arts and spiritual wisdom.  Mr. Leonard states, “I want selected artists that are gifted and willing to work hard. I also want to teach young artist to learn the business before getting into it.” “The music industry is like the wild, wild west, just remember.” We are very lucky to have someone around to teach our future artists and mold them into the best that they can be. Look out for more performances in the future from Mr. Glenn C. Leonard and Forever Motown.

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