Good Endings Make Great Beginnings

The school year has officially come to a close and summer is here!

Below are a few tips to help keep your students learning over the summer.

  • Make sure children at all levels have a list of any assignments they must complete over the summer to be ready for the next grade.
  • Focus on any special concerns that need to be addressed during the summer. For example, if your student is not working on their grade level in any subject, summer would be the perfect time to work on some type of intervention in that subject during the summer. 
  • Engage learning within everyday tasks. Visit parks and encourage your students to explore nature. Have them help with age-appropriate tasks when cooking, like measuring out ingredients or following directions in a recipe.
  • Keep children in a routine. Try to keep established bedtime routines within reason.
  • Sign your children up for remedial summer programs, when needed, or enrichment programs, if offered.
  • Participate in the ReadOKC Summer Reading Challenge. Students who read for 20 minutes a day will be eligible for prizes and recognition.
  • Gifted children should definitely be challenged over the summer and enrolled in programs that will fuel their desire to learn.
  • Make sure children are enrolled for the next school year. 
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