Good Friday Celebrated

“The seven Silent Witnesses of Jesus,” Good Friday worship services, will be held by the Faith Memorial Baptist Church and will be broadcast online on  Friday, April 2.

The broadcasts will air online on the church’s Facebook page.

The first broadcast will begin at noon and continue until 3 p.m. and the second broadcast will begin at 6:30 p.m. and continue until 8:30 p.m.

The presentations will include the testimony of seven inanimate objects that were intimately involved in the events of the Friday Jesus Christ was crucified.

The speakers at the first broadcast and their characters are:

  • Rev. Chester West of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, The Robe;
  •  Rev. Elvin Mack of the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, The Whip;
  • Rev. James K. Grayson of the  Israel Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, The Garment;
  •  Rev. Milton Bowen of the  Shepherd Street Christian Church, The Cross;
  • Rev. Elliot Parker of the  United Baptist Church, The Spear;
  • Rev. Robert  Proutt of the  Grace City Community Church, The Veil; and
  • Bishop Donald Boone Sr. of Resurrection of Life Ministries,  The Tomb.

Speakers at the second broadcast and their characters are:

  • Rev. Robin Wade of  Faith Memorial Baptist, The Robe;
  •  Regina West of Emmanuel Baptist, The Whip;
  • Norma Noble of the Evangelistic Baptist Church of Christ, The Garment;
  • Rev. DesJean Jones of the  Mt. Triumph Baptist Church,  The Cross;
  • Alberta Bean of Faith Memorial Baptist, The Spear;
  •  Gail Wilburn of the  Neighborhood Baptist Church, The Veil; and
  • Rev. Angela Brewster of the  First African Methodist Episcopal Church,  The Tomb.
  • Both broadcasts will be aired online at

Patrons should look for the light green circle with an F in the middle.

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