Griffin Gives Largest Corporate Gift in Langston History

LANGSTON—A new journalism school building will be acquired by Langston University, thanks to the donation by the Griffin Media Corp. of its News 9 Building in Oklahoma City.

The building’s address is   7401 N. Kelley Ave.

David Griffin, president of Griffin Media, announced the donation to the university at the annual Langston Presidents’ Scholarship Gala.

Dr.  Kent J. Smith Jr., president of Langston, said the building is the largest corporate donation the school has ever received.

Mr. Griffin said his company has been working to bring new, advanced technology and sets to its newscast, and has been installing new equipment in Griffin Media’s current building that would tie the company to the location for the next 15 years.

But, he said Griffin Media had another goal:  to plant the company’s flag in downtown Oklahoma City.

Langston will be given the building in January.

That created a dilemma for the company:  What would Griffin Media do with the building that had been Griffin Media’s headquarters for the past 70 years?

“If we abandon this building, there is going to be a hole in this community, and we just did not want to leave this community alone,” Mr. Griffin said to those who had gathered at Langston’s President’s Gala.

“So, we went on a search to see how we could be a part of something bigger than ourselves. And then it just dawned on me, Langston has a journalism program.”

The gift totals over $10 million, and includes the building, the surrounding land, all the existing equipment used for the News 9 newscast, every table and chair, the computers, the fiberoptic cabling and more.

The site will also be home to the Center for Media and Community Advancement at Langston University funded in part with a grant from the Inasmuch Foundation.

Dr. Smith, president of Langston, said the donation “will not only impact our journalism program, but it will also affect the entire university community.”

There is an entire business behind news production, he pointed out.

“Everything from computer technology to marketing, and sales, “Dr. Smith continued, “our students will have the benefit of learning here.

“Now, we can think of Oklahoma City and our Oklahoma City campus in an entirely different realm that we could not imagine before.”

“If you’re looking for something to believe in that will fundamentally change not only Langston University but journalism as a whole there is no doubt in my mind that this is it,” the university president commented.

“If you cannot get excited about that, I do not know what gets you excited.”

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