Griffin is Vying for State Superintendent

TULSA—Dr. Jerry Griffin said he will be a candidate for the state superintendent of public instruction.

Presently, a member of the  Tulsa Board of Education representing District 6, Dr. Griffin said in February he would not be a candidate, but said this week he would be.

“Public education is failing at all levels,” he said in a news release, “and, if this trend continues, Oklahoma will no longer be able to produce a skilled workforce. 

“Universities will have to offer remedial courses to accommodate Oklahoma students who cannot function at the college level.”

He said only “bold and new ideas to save public education” are required from candidates.

“For the 2018-19 school year, the state Department of Education reported state-level standards for English-language arts were not met by 64 percent of students in the Shawnee school district; 50 percent in the Beggs district; and 47 percent in the McAlester district,” the candidate said.

“Enough is enough,” Griffin emphasized.   “It’s time to put programs in place that will improve the success rate for all students.”

“I have solutions that will significantly improve the education system in Oklahoma,” Dr. Griffin went on.

“Examples are school vouchers, programs to serve Hispanic parents and students, programs to improve students’ understanding of citizenship, increased funding for kindergarten through third grade, a challenge to the  U.S. supreme Court’s prohibiting of prayer in school and other programs that will serve all students of Oklahoma.”

These are programs, Dr. Griffin said he will implement if elected:

  • Tulsa Division of Education Department: – open a major division of the Department of Education in Tulsa to serve students, parents, and teachers of northeast Oklahoma.
  • Refine and support the School Voucher Bill: Raise the limit to the full student funding of approximately ten thousand dollars. There will be an income cap and a sliding scale of benefits. Add a provision that any school selected must be accredited by a national accreditation organization or the school has been in operation for five years.
  • Virtual Courses: – develop state-of-the-art virtual courses that can be used by any Oklahoma Public School.
  • Parent Programs: – develop courses, in English and Spanish that will assist parents in helping their children succeed in school.
  • Teacher Retention: – support the implementation of increases in pay for active and retired teachers. Support ‘Stay in Oklahoma’ incentive pay.
  • Civics: – increase the state standards for the teaching of civics courses.
  • College and Career Ready – 3: – modify the state high school curriculum from four to three years.  This will result in a savings of over $400 million.   This savings will be moved to support grades kindergarten through third– first by reducing class size, providing more learning resources, and help fund teacher pay incentives.
  • Special-Needs – Increase Educational programming for children with special needs and their families. Advocate for increases state funding.

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