Gunman Killed Xmas Eve

At Sonic Drive-In, Kidnapping Suspect Is Felled By Cops Following a Two-Hour Restaurant Stand-Off

Longtime Felon Holds Woman As Hostage in Car

A 60-year-old kidnapping suspect was shot and killed on Christmas Eve by policemen after a two-hour standoff at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Oklahoma City.
The suspect had an extensive prison record with some of his crimes involving assaults on women, The Black Chronicle has learned.

In the Christmas Eve incident, police believe the dead man was holding a woman hostage and shot her once before the stand-off was over.

For example, in 2006, longtime felon Elray Barber, 60, was sentenced to prison for 20 years for robbing a woman of her car in Oklahoma City.
He was out in less than half of that sentence.
In 2016, Mr. Barber was sentenced to prison again, this time for 10 years, for holding a knife on a woman and threatening to slit her throat.

He was out again in less than five years.
Those releases from prison touched off debates on social media after he was shot and killed by police on Christmas Eve at a drive-in restaurant.

“[It] looks like, if he had been serving his time, he wouldn’t have been out to take a woman hostage,” a retired police detective commented on Facebook.
“Incarceration saves lives.”

Oklahoma City police got involved on Christmas Eve after getting a report that Mr. Barber was intoxicated and carrying a gun.
Officers found him at the Sonic in the passenger seat of a car, holding the driver at gunpoint, police said in a news release.

“He would not let the victim exit the vehicle and was threatening to shoot her,” a police department spokesman said.
“During the incident, the suspect pointed his gun at officers.”
“Citizens were evacuated and the Tactical Team was deployed.

“Officers negotiated with the suspect for approximately two hours without success. The suspect would not comply with instructions or release the victim.

“The suspect continued to threaten the victim and two officers discharged their firearms striking the suspect.” Police said the suspect shot the 55-year-old kidnapping victim in the side during the incident.
She is recovering.

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