Bipartisan bill would simplify marijuana business licensing



(The Center Square) – A new bipartisan bill would align all Michigan medical marijuana regulations with those for recreational usage.

Medical and recreational rules fall under two separate laws. The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act was created by the Legislature in 2016, and the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act was passed by voters in 2018.

The cosponsors, Reps. Graham Filler, R-Duplain Township and Jimmie Wilson, Jr., D-Ypsilanti say it will make business easier for both dispensaries and the state if the laws are streamlined into one.

“Streamlining and simplifying these laws is a win for everyone involved – from businesses to patients to regulators,” Filler said. “By modernizing the regulatory process, we can help businesses cut costs and increase efficiency.”

Under current laws, marijuana licensees must be registered with both a medical and recreational license to grow, process, transport, or sell marijuana. The proposed bills would make it easier for the industry, so only one license is needed per activity.

“This is about making Michigan an attractive and stable place for marijuana businesses to thrive,” Wilson said. “A single, cohesive regulatory framework will support our growing economy, ensure the safety and quality of marijuana products, and maintain access for medical marijuana patients. This is a forward-thinking approach that positions Michigan as a leader in the industry.”

House Bills 5884-5 were referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform, where adjustments might be made to either bill before being sent to the house for a vote.

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