Historic $4.2 Million Dollar Settlement Vindicates Black Iowa Football Players Suing for Racial Discrimination

TULSA, OK — After more than two years of delays and cover-ups by the University of Iowa football coaches and those who sought to protect them, my legal team and I are pleased that the Iowa State Appeals Board has approved a settlement of $4.175 million for our clients.  To our knowledge, this is the largest public settlement in the history of the state of Iowa for claims related to racial discrimination.


In addition to the historic monetary settlement, we were able to secure valuable non-monetary benefits for our clients including:


  • Paid access to mental health treatment for one year;
  • Tuition waivers for our clients to return to the University of Iowa to complete their undergraduate studies;
  • $90,000 towards the graduate studies of six (6) of our clients seeking to further their education; 
  • Opportunities to participate in upcoming Iowa Pro Day events; and
  • Commitment to recruit Black coaches for coaching internships.


Additionally, to help ensure Iowa takes the necessary steps to eradicate the hostile environment that has destroyed the hopes and dreams of so many Black athletes during Kirk Ferentz’s tenure, Iowa has agreed to retain our preferred anti-racism consultant Dr. Leonard Moore. Dr. Leonard Moore has spent years examining the intersection of race and sports in America, is the founder of the National Black Student Athlete Summit, and author of the groundbreaking book, Teaching Black History to White People. Dr. Moore spends a great deal of time helping high-profile athletic programs across the country implement strategic diversity initiatives that help student-athletes excel both in the classroom and on the field, including two-time defending CFB National Champions the Georgia Bulldogs.


With this record-breaking settlement, our clients, twelve young Black men, who were subjected to intentional race discrimination by coaching staff and administration led by Coach Kirk Ferentz, Coach Chris Doyle, and Coach Brian Ferentz, not only received justice but are vindicated as well!

It is disappointing that in the wake of this settlement, Kirk Ferentz continues to claim that he and his coaches did nothing wrong. This is refuted by the Husch Blackwell Law Firm Report that his own athletics department commissioned and paid for. The Report confirmed the racially hostile environment in his Hawkeye Football Program. Kirk Ferentz’s unwillingness to accept responsibility for his actions and those actions of his subordinates shows that as long as Kirk Ferentz is in charge at Iowa, Black players will be at risk for harassment, bullying, race-based threats, and retaliation that will deprive them of a meaningful opportunity to pursue a high-quality education while competing at the highest level of collegiate athletics.

A racially hostile football program is Kirk Ferentz’s legacy. That is why we strongly hope that University of Iowa President Dr. Barbara J. Wilson listens to Iowa State Treasurer Roby Smith who encouraged Iowa to “re-examine relationships with Gary Barta, Brian Ferentz, and others named”, because as Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand stated yesterday, “[t]here’s a certain point at which an institution needs to communicate to the public that it isn’t just a group of insiders protecting each other.”


We also hope that this litigation and settlement will cause all other university athletic programs to reevaluate their policies, environment, and culture to ensure that they are just, inclusive, and equitable for Black student-athletes.


In addition to Damario Solomon-Simmons and Kymberli J. M. Heckenkemper of SolomonSimmonsLaw PLLC, the Plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Beatriz Mate-Kodjo of BMK Law Firm, PLLC, Christian Dennie, Patrick Kane, Cameron Baker, La-Deidre Matthews, Sarah Traynor, and Maliya Rattliffe of Fox Rothschild, LLP.


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