Homeland Grand Opening

The grand opening of Homeland grocery happened on Wednesday, September 1st and for the eastside community, this was a major step in the right direction. This was a long-awaited opening due to this being the first full-size supermarket to be built in the community in decades. For many years, residents had to travel across town just to pick up items up from a grocery because fresh food options were not available anywhere nearby. Bonnie Harrison, a local resident, said “I heard about the opening for about a year now and I’m excited that it was finally here. She also added that, “it’s an absolutely perfect location for a new grocery store in town.”

During the grand opening, there were many performances that took place such as the CommUNITY Line Dancers, Douglass High School band, Thunder mascot Rumble and poetry about the struggles of just having a grocery store on the east side of Oklahoma City. As you scanned across the sea of residents, you could see the joy in all their faces and how long they have waited for this moment to happen. Dr. Freeta Jones-Porter, leader of the CommUNITY Line Dancers, stated that “It’s a wonderful place for a Homeland to be and this will be a social place for people to eat or shop which will draw more seniors into the community.” Although many people felt that the eastside had been neglected for many years, they rejoiced in the crowds as they finally were being heard. As the celebration continued, Rev. Dr. Larry T. Crudup, prayed over the opening before everyone was welcomed into the store. Rev. Dr. Crudup had a few words to add about his community stating, “I’ve has been a cheerleader and prayer warrior in the background for this store and I knew this community needed a viable grocery store because we were living in food apartheid. The community will come out to support and find resources they never knew they needed. This will be a great jump start to what the community can be and will be.”

The new building reaches 30-000-square-feet, indoor seating, an outdoor patio, and grab-and-go stations. There are many additions to this store that you can enjoy such as Lil Leo’s Barbeque, Not Your Average Joe’s Coffee, a taco bar, deli, sushi station, bakery and even a pharmacy drive through. You’ll be happy to know that not only is this a new place to call home but 70% of the employees live in the community nearby. This won’t be any ordinary grocery store but a gathering place for the neighborhood to truly enjoy and call their own. Don’t miss out on the “First Sunday” Community Event September 5th from 1-5pm. There will be food trucks, DJ music, community organizations, activities for kids and live remote with Power 103.5. Let’s help our community thrive to new heights!

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